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Most stock photos come in a rectangler format but drumheads
are a perfect circles so we need to crop the image into this format.

Our Graphics Dept can crop the image you choose at no additional cost. We will even do some basic colonization and retouching if requested or needed. Just send us the image and will do the rest.
Full Crop
We consider this to be a Full Crop even though it does not encompass the entire image. Basically this crop uses most of the image area top to bottom.

Original Photo

Final Drumhead

Partial Crop
We consider this to be a Partial Crop. Here we crop out part of the image, just the car. If you want this done, make sure you purchase Large and XLarge size images from stock photo providers. They normally cost more but this way you will get a high quality image on your bass drumhead.

Original Photo

Final Drumhead

Cropping Issues
This image cannot be cropped without cropping into the dogs face. You have two options: #1 we can crop it as is but this may not work . #2 we can put it onto the drumhead as a square format. In some cases it might be best to find another photo.

Original Photo

Crop #1

Crop #2

Cropping Solutions
Even though this is a rectangler image, we can make it work by adding black to the top and bottom.

The customer also asked if we could make the color change. This was easy to do. Our policy is this "If we can make changes in less than 20 minutes, we will do it at no charge" In fact most of the time we just send you a few proofs. You get to choose which proof you like and then we make your drumhead. If you don't like it, you don't have to pay for anything.

If we think what you asking us to do is major design work, we will contact you first with a quote. This way you can say "Yes please make the changes" or "No I do not what to proceed" or "What other options do I have, please help me"

We want you to be happy with your custom drumhead from Vintage Logos Inc.

Origional photo

Final drumhead

Feel free to contact us with any questions before you purchase a stock photo. Here is an example email:

"Dear VintageLogos:
I saw this motorcycle photo on istockphoto.com website. Photo Number: 590727. Can you put this on a bass drumhead without it getting cut off. Can you make the blue a green color? Please let me know if this will work.


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