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We can take your Ready-To-Print digital file and
make you a total Custom Banner or Backdrop

How To Prepare Your Digital File

  • We ONLY accept files from these MAC and PC programs:
    Illustrator, FreeHand, Corel Draw, PhotoShop, PhotoDeluxe, Corel Photo, Corel Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, Painter, other raster design programs.

  • Provide your Digital File in one of these formats:
    EPS, JPG or JPEG

  • File Size:
    Set your document size including bleed
    Scale your file to 12 to 1, so that 1 inch equals 1 foot. (1"=1') and add .125” bleed on each side. Thus a 4' x 6' banner would be submitted at 4.25" x 6.25"

    Establish the safety area
    Do not place important elements too close to the trim line as they could be trimmed off or sewn through during finishing. It is best to keep key elements of your banner .125” inside the edge.
    If your banner uses pole pockets, put all text and design elements at least .33" inside of the cut line or they may be sewn through.

    Choose your resolution
    The required resolution for printing vinyl banners depends on viewing distance.
    From five feet or more, submit at 900 dpi
    From 10 feet or more submit at 600 dpi
    From 50 feet or more, submit at 300 dpi
    For example, a banner that is 4’ x 10’ and viewed from 10 feet away must be printed as a 4" x 10" file at 600 DPI, or a total of 2400 x 6000 pixels.

  • Fonts:
    You MUST convert all fonts to curves or paths, to eliminate the need to send fonts.

  • Send us your Digital Files:
    After you have placed your order Upload Your Digital File to our FTP server.

  • Final Proof:
    We will send you a proof by e-mail for your final approval (2-3 days)

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