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Custom VividHead Package Deal
Includes Super Kick II Batter
• Made with Aquarian
Printed with your Ready-to-Print digital file
SKU #4001-A

Aquarian Drumheads

We start with a single-ply Aquarian bass drum head and print your graphics using our VividHead Process. This creates the sound quality of a 1.5 mil drumhead.

Choose your VividHead size:
16" Custom VividHead $109.00 each
18" Custom VividHead $112.00 each
20" Custom VividHead $116.00 each
22" Custom VividHead $124.00 each
24" Custom VividHead $137.00 each
26" Custom VividHead $148.00 each
28" Custom VividHead $169.00 each

You will also receive an Aquarian Super Kick II Batter Bass Drumhead. It will be the same size as the vividhead you choose above. This head is NOT printed.

Install Mic Holes (OPTIONAL):
Three mic hole options are available

• Regular Mic Hole

• Mic Hole with Support Ring
Price includes the mic hole installation charge

• Mic Hole with HOLZ Ring
Price includes the mic hole installation charge

Choose Your Mic Hole Placements:
View Hole Placement Chart



VividHeads 2010
New and Improved process...
• Brighter Colors with Rich Black Inks
• Better Tone with More Boom
• Excellent Photo-like Quality


  Place your order
Place your order first before sending digital files.

  Prepare your digital files
In order to achieve a quality Custom VividHead, please follow our guidelines when Preparing Your Digital Files.

  Send us your Ready-to-Print digital file

Through the Internet:
Upload your digital files to our FTP server. Our Job Ticket system tracks the digital files you send to us. It also allows you to send large files sizes too.


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